Personal Training Subcontracting

Let us run your Personal Training Department

Transform will remove the headache of running your own personal training department.

Transform Personal Training is going to free you from the stresses associated with running a personal training department while still profiting from one. This will allow you more time to focus on other areas of your business while you’re still generating revenue with us. We spend time and money promoting every club we partner with. Our reputation and marketing strategy will bring more customers through your doors. Partnering with us has incredible upside with no risks.

  • Increase Gym Memberships
  • Achieve better Customer Satisfaction
  • Boost your reputation
  • Remove the responsibilities of running a Personal Training department
  • Remove the responsibilities of running a Personal Training department
  • Remove Personal Training Overhead Cost

Partner with Transform

We handle every aspect of running a Personal Training Department so you don’t have to.


We work hard around the clock to provide a strong social media presence and word of mouth reputation, along with a grass roots approach focusing on the surrounding community.


Our system begins with a focus on customer service and an honest and passionate belief in the training experience we provide. Emphasis is placed on both gaining and sustaining clients.

Personal Trainer Management

All trainers have completed TRANFSFORM’s thorough training process in addition to being certified. This ensures a high client success rate which correlates to a high percentage of return customers and strong brand reputation.

Client Relationship Building

All of our Transform trainers are accessible beyond the client’s session. We strive to create a family atmosphere amongst the staff and all clientele.

Personal Training Subcontracting FAQ's​

If you don’t offer personal training, you are missing out on a lot of income. If you do offer it, much of the time it’s with a dated sales system not maximizing potential revenue. In most health clubs, the biggest hassle is running a personal training department. We will take on that responsibility, make it successful, and bring you frustration free income.

Click the link below and in your message leave us a phone number so we can contact you and set up a time to discuss possibly moving forward together and growing your club.

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