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Top Quality Personal Training

Each and every client is unique. So with that in mind we customize the process to meet your needs.

1. Goal Setting

You will sit down with your trainer and discuss what you want to get out of personal training. This is where you set your short and long term goals.

2. Plan

We will design the blueprint necessary to get you to your end result. This will include, but is not limited to, weight training, cardiovascular training, nutrition, supplementation and proper rest guidelines.

3. Track Performance

We will pay attention to detail. As you progress through the process, ultimately, how your body responds will determine the changes we make to your plan. This method will ensure your success.

4. Goal Achievement

What a great feeling! You set out to achieve what most don’t follow through with and you succeeded! Now we refocus and set new goals, whether it is maintaining your new body/lifestyle or raising the bar even higher.

Benefits of Personal Training

There are so many benefits to being healthy

The best investment you can make is in yourself. You only get one body to last you a lifetime. We all spend money on things like clothes, cars, jewelry and other items that we outlive or go out of style. Yet the majority of people neglect the main thing that enables us to fully maximize our time on this earth; our overall health.

It’s not always about the AMAZING “after” picture, although they are very rewarding. It’s about being the absolute best version of YOU. Personal training has endless benefits that reach far beyond the “look good, feel good” buzz. It is a great outlet for stress and will strengthen you not only physically but mentally as well.

When you sign up with Transform Personal Training, you’re getting much more than the accountability of a trainer; you’re getting an education. Not only will you be more than satisfied with the results you get, you will have a full understanding of nutrition. Not just what you eat but learning how and when to eat will ensure long term success. Your trainer will help figure out the formula that works best with your body. The truth is, this isn’t easy and that’s why most people fail. But you’re not most people, you have us. Let’s change your life!

Increase bone density

Lower Cholesterol

Increase muscle mass

Drop body fat

Improve cardiovascular health

Increase heart efficiency 

Increase performance

Fight osteoporosis

Lower risk of diabetes

Look Better

Feel Better

Lower blood pressure

Reduce depression

Lower blood sugar

Reduce dependency of medications

Improve balance 

Prevent/Cure aches and pains

Live Longer

 Live Better

Personal Training FAQ's

If you have any type of health and fitness related goal, then the answer is YES. The fact of the matter is the failure rate when joining a gym is extremely high. Working out with a personal trainer increases your fitness goal success rate by over 75%. No need to continue walking in circles trying to figure it out, when we have already walked this road. Let us lead you on the most direct route to success.

Whatever goals you have set for yourself, you can expect to meet them. You will have to dedicate the time and put in the work, but we will be right by your side, guiding you, to ensure success. No goal is too big and it is ALWAYS worth it

You should meet with your trainer as often as you can. You get out what you put in. Your trainer will be analyzing every movement, adjusting form, modifying resistance and controlling tempo, while pushing you further than you might have thought possible. Every move made will bring you closer to your goals!

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